Joan Keisel Achievement Award

Established in 1962, the Joan Keisel Achievement Award is awarded to the member who,
in the opinion of the Board of Directors and the Past President's Council,
has done the most outstanding work for TDAA and Dental Assistants.
Presentation of this award is during the TDAA Annual Session Awards Ceremonies
by the previous year's recipient.

Joan Keisel Achievement Award Honorees

Steve Ann Montgomery* 1962 Marion McCullough* 1991
Lillian Metze* 1963 Frances Compton Grubbs* 1992
Violet Crowley 1964 Laurie Semple 1993
Lois Solomon* 1965 Anna Spaulding 1994
Jippie Tolbert 1966 Denise Jennings 1995
Gloria Reinhard 1967 Patti Denton 1996
Ruth B. Blake 1968 Betty Ann Thorpe 1997
Elaine Burns* 1969 Cliffa Thomasson 1998
Maxine Webb* 1970 Ronda V. Lane 1999
Ann White 1971 Dena Miller 2000
Eleanor Lathrop* 1972 Betty Ann Thorpe 2001
Vivian Steiger 1973 Joanne Wineinger 2002
Maxine Brown 1974 Mickey Alexander 2003
Frances M. Davis 1975 Joanne Wineinger  2004
Ruth E. Rose* 1976 Ronda Vantroba Lane  2005
Patricia Ratliff 1977 Joanne Wineinger  2006
Patricia Ratliff 1978 Kim Robertson* 2007
Bonnie Farris 1979 Sharon Dickinson 2008
Fran Witt* 1980 Karen E. Sitton 2009
Edith Kendall 1981 Rosie Perez 2010
Sharon Dahlstedt 1982 Kathleen Boyle 2011
Barbara Hagley* 1983 Rosie Perez 2012
Carolyn Smock 1984 Kathleen Boyle 2013
Althea Hilliard* 1985 Betty Ann Thorpe 2014
Steve Ann Montgomery* 1986 Jean Montemayor 2015
Ruth Kelley* 1987 Rosie Perez 2016
Sharon Dickinson 1988 Brenda Olivarez 2017
Marthann Dafft 1989 Brenda Olivarez 2018
Barbara Hagley* (tie) 1990 Ronda Lane 2019
Maxine Brown (tie) 1990    

Lois Solomon Scholarship Award

The Lois Solomon Scholarship Award was established
in the name of a past TDAA President and Editor of the TDAA Bulletin,
and is to provide incentive and reward for those students
who excel in their academic performance,
and also to provide funds for dental assisting students who,
being unable to obtain funds from any other programs,
would be unable to complete his/her course of study
in a Dental Assisting Program.
Presentation of this award is made during the
TDAA Annual Session Awards Ceremonies.

Roy and Steve Ann Montgomery Cooperation Award

The Roy and Steve Ann Montgomery Memorial Award is named for a
TDAA Member who served as TDAA President as well as ADAA President,
and her husband who was supportive of her service.
This award is presented to the local organization that has,
in the opinion of the Board of Directors,
given the best cooperation to the officers.
Presentation of this award is at TDAA Annual Session
by the TDAA President during the Awards Ceremonies.

TDAA Local Organization Membership Awards

These awards are to serve as an incentive for Membership growth at the Local level.
The first award is presented to the Local Organization
who has the largest numerical increase in Membership.
The second award is presented to the Local Organization
who has the highest percentage increase in Membership.
The awards are presented by the Chairman of the Membership Committee
during TDAA Annual Session Awards Ceremonies.

TDAA Table Clinic Awards

These awards are presented during Annual Session, if Table Clinics are presented.


ADAA Presidents Award of Excellence

The ADAA/Henry Schein® Achievement Award was presented to a member who has shown the most outstanding achievements in promoting the objectives of the Association and furthering the profession of dental assisting.  A $500.00 cash honorarium is presented with this award by representatives of Henry Schein Dental during the ADAA Annual Session Ceremonies. In 2010, the name of this award was changed to ADAA Presidents Award of Excellence and continues to be underwritten by Henry Schein®.

TDAA Recipients

Ronda V. Lane, CDA, BS
Marthann Dafft-Sealy
Joanne Wineinger

Karen E. Sitton, CDA

Sharon Dickinson, RDA, CDA, CDPMA

Mickey Alexander

Kim Robertson, CDA, RDA, BBA








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