O B J E C T I V E S   &  P O L I C Y   S T A T E M E N T


To be loyal to my employer, my calling and myself.

To develop initiative having the courage to assume responsibility and the imagination to create and develop them.

To be prepared to visualize, take advantage of, and fulfill the opportunities of my calling.

To be a co-worker; creating a spirit of cooperation and friendliness rather than one of faultfinding and criticism.

To be enthusiastic; for therein lies the easiest way to accomplishment.

To be generous, not alone of my name but of my praise and time.

To be tolerant with my associates, for at times I too make mistakes.

To be friendly, realizing that friendship bestows and receives happiness.

To be systematic, believing that system makes for efficiency.

To know the value of time for both my employer and myself.

To safeguard my health, for good health is necessary for the acheivement

of a successful career.

To be tactful; always doing the right thing at the right time.

To be courteous; for this is the badge of good breeding.

To walk on the sunny side of the street, seeing the beautiful things in life

rather than fearing the shadows.

To keep smiling always.

Juliette A. Southard

Founder of the American Dental Assistants Association


The Texas Dental Assistants Association is an oral health profession committed to promoting the profession of dental assisting in matters of education, legislation, and credentialing.


The Texas Dental Assistants Association is the professional association committed to promoting the delivery of quality dental health care to the patient under our care, and to the public oral health education. TDAA is dedicated to leading the profession through initiatives, which support our objectives.


To share in the responsibility for quaility dental health care to all,

To advance the practice of dental assisting toward the highest standards of performance obtainable by supporting and encouraging formal education,

To support educationally-based national and/or state credentialing for the dental assisting profession, and

To communicate effectively with all members of health-related professions.


The Texas Dental Assistants Association (TDAA) recognizes that dental assistants performing direct patient care share the responsibility in the delivery of quality dental health care to all.  Therefore, the TDAA shall promote the practice of dental assisting to the highest standards of performance obtainable, by promoting and supporting evidence of entry level competence in dental assisting, as specified in the Dental Practice Act and Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) requirement of obtaining the Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) credential; and further encourage a higher level of proven efficiencies offered by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) credential of Certified Dental Assistant (CDA).  Furthermore, the TDAA shall promote continuing education programs to acquire and maintain knowledge of the constantly changing technology of the dental profession that directly affects the dental assistant and ultimately provides the highest standard of dental health care for Texas citizens.

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