Joining a professional organization strengthens your network, gives you opportunities to broaden your knowledge, and allows you to give back to your community. The TDAA also encourages you to discover your leadership skills through our Board of Directors. Perhaps most importantly, when we band together, we are more visible and can influence legislation that affects our daily lives.

The ADAA, TDAA, and Local Affiliates are a tripartite organization. You must join all three. Dues are paid to the American Dental Assistants Association and then dispersed to the State Associations and Local Affiliates. The system facilitates collaboration between all organizations.

Membership & Payment Options

Send the printed application(s) & payment to:

American Dental Assisting Association
National Press Building
529 14th Street, NW, Suite 1280 Washington, DC 20045
Phone: 877-874-3785

Reasons to Join ADAA & TDAA

  • Free Online Continuing Education, available 24/7
  • $50,000 Professional Liability Insurance 
  • Premium Job Search
  • Reduced Rate for Students with Scholarship Opportunities
  • Free Subscription to The Dental Assistant journal
  • Monthly ADAA Update E-newsletter and TDAA newsletter The Bulletin
  • Peer Recognition by Dental Professionals
  • Membership in State and Local Chapters
  • Free ADAA Webinars that are live or on-demand
  • Input into potential legislative changes
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Reduced rates on travel, uniforms & printing
  • E-News 24/7
  • CE Catalog
  • ADAA Benefits

History and Service

The American Dental Assistants Association is the oldest, largest group representing professional Dental Assistants. Its members include clinical personnel, those working chairside with the dentist, in the administrative area; business assistant, receptionist, office manager, practice manager and those working behind the scenes in dental product sales, insurance and, of course, educators.

Established over 80 years ago, the ADAA provides continuing education to Dental Assistants through home study courses, professional journals and local, state and national meetings with educational agendas. The ADAA encourages education, registration and certification for Dental Assisting professionals while providing a network of personal services for its members. Services such as: credit cards, insurance programs, salary and other surveys and travel and leisure services.

In most areas, the state association and often a local organization serve the ADAA. A membership in the ADAA provides tripartite membership in national, state and local organizations. Those interested in a membership should print the applications listed above.

Statement of Commitment 

To advance the careers of Dental Assistants and to promote the Dental Assisting profession in matters of education, legislation, credentialing and professional activities which enhance the delivery of quality dental health care to the public.

To enjoy all the Benefits of Membership! The ADAA is pleased to offer several methods for dues payment. The options available are: Money Order, Check payable to ADAA, Debit Card from personal checking account, MASTERCARD or VISA.

For questions, please contact ADAA:
Toll Free: 877-874-3785 * Fax: 630-351-8490