President Message

Greetings to All (TDAA members) Texas Dental Assistants Association!
Things have been moving in the right direction. We have a new website that is easier to navigate and provide more friendly assistance for those dental assistants moving to Texas, as well as those who need pertinent information of RDA renewal and changes in TSBDE regulations. Take a minute and check it out at

The TDAA Board has met a few times on Zoom and conference calls. The Board voted to have a TDAA membership table (yes, it has been several years since we did this) at the 2022 Southwest Dental Conference in Dallas, Texas on August 26-27th. We were able to offer a discount of $25 off the membership fee and look forward to our local organizations offering the same discount at their meetings.

The virtual Annual Session for ADAA met and placed many changes to the structure of our organization. These Bylaw changes create new opportunities by focusing on inclusiveness, adaptability, streaming processes, and a stronger focus on the individual and membership. For example; where a general election means that all members will be eligible for a vote at the annual meeting. This is similar to a US presidential election. ADAA wants all members to feel as if they are contributing and therefore be more invested in the association.

I would like to encourage all members to like us on Social Media and participate on Facebook. Our Facebook page is devoted to educating dental assistants concerning regulations that affect our profession. For example; can a dentist require you to hold the sensor in a patient’s mouth while taking an x-ray? There are laws and regulations that need to be better understood and that is what our Facebook page is striving to do. New conversations are posted weekly, so go check out what you need to know and conversations taking place.

As stated when I became President of TDAA, we continually work towards our goals of supporting the professional development of dental assistants throughout their careers, and providing quality education and information for every dental assistant across Texas through our website and social media.

Warmest Regards to All,

Thank you,
Alyssa Russell, TDAA President