President Message

Greetings!  My name is Alyssa Russell, your newly installed President of the Texas Dental Assistants Association (TDAA).  I would like to share my goals for the next 2 years with you, especially after the COVID-19 year that we’ve been through.

I want us to get started on a new chapter for our organization.  My goals are to bring growth and change to TDAA, just as plants grow from a seed to flourishing blooms.  Let’s grow by engaging our youth by offering continuing education (CE) webinars, study guides and in-person seminars.  Let’s change our approach to recruiting and embrace social media, which allows us to easily connect with all our dental communities.  It is imperative that we proactively invite all dental assistants into our local, state, and national organizations.

The members on the Education committee are working on establishing new TDAA web content, as well as linking to existing national content, to meet educational requirements on the state and national level.

Our esteemed Vice President Lourdes Garduno is facilitating raising revenue to help fund these educational endeavors.  Examples of funding include sale donations of dental themed T-shirts, RDA pins, and car decals.  

By meeting these goals, we will grow and change, just as a caterpillar changes to a butterfly so they can fly!  Come fly with TDAA.

Thank you,
Alyssa Russell, TDAA President