Rules To Govern

The practice and regulation of Dentistry and Dental Assistants in Texas are governed by the Dental Practice Act and select portions of the Occupations Code. The State Board of Dental Examiners (SBDE) is charged with the responsibility of developing Rules and Regulations mandated by Texas law for regulating the practice of dentistry and the enforcement of those rules and regulations.

Dental Practice Act (DPA) a.k.a. Texas Occupations Code (Law):

     Title 3 – Chapter 258 – Practice by Dentist
Section 258.001 – Impermissible Delegations
           Section 258.002 – Delegation to Dental Assistant
           Section 258.003 – Responsibility of Delegating D.D.S.

 Title 3 – Health Professions – Chapter 265 – Regulations of Dental Assistants
Section 265.001 – Registration
      Section 265.002 – Supervision, Direction & Responsibility
      Section 265.003 – Permitted Duties
      Section 265.004 – Pit & Fissure Sealant Certificate
      Section 265.005 – X-Ray Certificate

Chapter 112 – Visual Dental Health Inspections
Rule 112.01 – Definitions – Visual Dental Health Inspections

Chapter 114 – Extension of Duties of Auxiliary Personnel – Dental Assistants

§114.1Permitted Duties
§114.2Registration of Dental Assistants
§114.3Pit and Fissure Sealant Certificate
§114.4Monitoring the Administration of Nitrous Oxide
§114.5Coronal Polishing
§114.6General Qualifications for Registration or Certification
§114.9Criminal History Evaluation Letter
§114.10Dishonorable Conduct
§114.12Continuing Education for Certificate Holders
§114.21Requirements for Dental Assistant Registration Courses and Examinations
§114.23Dental Assistant Examination Integrity

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